The foundation is the most important load-bearing component of any house and the one that holds up the entire structure.

When problems arise, foundation repairs should be arranged quickly, as delaying them could result in bigger issues as time goes on.

Homeowners noticing any of these signs should have a foundation repair service inspect their foundation and diagnose the issues affecting it.

Applying the right foundation repair solution before things progress too far can save the entire structure.

1. Cracks

One of the first signs that issues exist and foundation repairs might be necessary are cracks.

Cracks may start to appear inside the home, on the walls and ceilings, or outside of the home, on the walkways, patios, and garage floors.

Cracking may also appear along basement or crawlspace walls.

All of this cracking is typically due to uneven foundation settling and other issues that should be looked into right away to prevent them from worsening.

2. Warping

In addition to the cracking that can occur when problems that require foundation repair services are present, homeowners may start to notice that warping or sagging is happening.

When floors or ceilings start to warp or sag, this is a prime indication that there could be a problem with the foundation that should be inspected.

3. Separating

Another symptom that foundation repair solutions may be necessary is components in the house separating.

When walls start bowing out and separating from the moldings, floors, or ceilings, or the cabinets start separating from the walls, problems with foundation settling are frequently the cause.

4. Dampness

One of the main causes of dampness and even mold growth throughout a house is cracks in the foundation that allow moisture into the home.

Homeowners who are constantly battling a cold and damp basement or lower level of their home should arrange for foundation repairs such as waterproofing and crack repairs to resolve that annoying and many times unhealthy issue.

5. Sticking

Another prime symptom that foundation repair services to address a shifting or damaged foundation are needed is sticking doors and/or windows.

When door frames and window tracks get warped or racked due to changes in the structural integrity of the house, they will not open and close freely as they should.

Sticking or stuck doors and windows should be investigated immediately.

6. Water Issues

From active leaks and standing water in the basement to puddles around the home foundation outside, these are all signs that there are drainage issues that may be causing damage to the foundation.

Groundwater and poor drainage can be extremely damaging to foundations, resulting in cracks, uneven settling, flooding, and many other serious problems if not diagnosed and corrected.

7. Sinking or Upheaval

Severely uneven settling, which is frequently accompanied by foundation upheaval, is a serious problem that requires immediate foundation repair solutions or the whole structure could end up jeopardized.

When one part of the foundation sinks while the opposite side rises up, this can cause substantial cracks in the foundation plus significant disturbance of the entire house structure, leading to the many issues listed above.

Hire A Foundation Repair Specialist When Noticing Problems

Every foundation settles a little bit throughout its lifetime, but usually not enough to require foundation repair.

When homeowners start seeing any of the signs mentioned above, an assessment from a foundation repair service is recommended to determine the extent of the problem.

Providing a suitable foundation repair solution is essential for stopping the damage and restoring the integrity of the foundation before the entire house ends up at risk!

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