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Epoxy Injections

Seeping basement wall cracks can be permanently repaired from the inside by inserting polyurethane into them. That will close the crack thoroughly to the soil outside and stay flexible after curing so that the crack will not reappear as the result of minor shifting of the foundation.

Interior Drain Tile Systems

Interior drain tile systems have become an excellent way to handle basement water problems. They provide waterproofing that eliminates water seeping from basement walls or floor cracks as well as the cove joint between the wall and floor. Interior drain tiles can also stop seepage coming out of a permeable wall of concrete wall or masonry walls that are decayed and leaking.

AAA Basement & Foundation in Andover, Texas - Image of Basement before WaterAAA Basement & Foundation in Andover, Texas - Image of Basement Waterproofing System


Sometimes there are just leaking foundation walls. As an example, a poured concrete foundation wall that is very common in modern residential construction can have porous spots in the concrete caused during construction. Such areas can be caused by:

  • Concrete not being thoroughly mixed which allows aggregate or dry cement to form a pocket.
  • Insufficient vibration of the poured wall to remove trapped air.

Over time, these porous spots can allow water to seep into the basement and lead to wet basement problems.

Foundation waterproofing repairs for all of these issues are the same. An exterior waterproofing membrane should be installed to create an impermeable water barrier on the outside of the foundation.

The first step in stalling exterior waterproofing membrane is to start digging. The foundation must be excavated down to the footings, which may be as deep as eight feet in a full basement.

When the ground water surrounding a foundation is extremely high, it benefits the homeowner to install exterior drain tile along with the membrane to alleviate pressure on the walls and drain off the water. The excavation is then backfilled and the foundation water problem is permanently protected against seepage.

It is an undertaking to install an exterior waterproofing membrane and/or exterior drain tile; however it is an extremely effective foundation water problem solution to protect against basement or foundation seepage.

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