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Our Basement Repair Services in Wichita, KS


Fantastic work. Very knowledgeable crews and they care about their customers. Would HIGHLY recommend.

Mike G.

Great company, couldn't ask for a more professional job! Highly recommended.

Willie M.

Performed a mud jacking job on an air conditioner slab with expertise and were very clean and professional.

James M.

They mud jacked my driveway, a/c pad and dirt fill. Great job!

Tom S.
My wife and I manage a ranch at Fall River KS. We have 7 homes on the ranch and one of them needed basement repair. We chose AAA Basement and are very pleased with the results of their work. They sent us a hard working crew that were very competent in solving our problem. As they started our job it was evident there was going be more to it than we anticipated but fortunately they had the knowledge it took to address the issues they were confronted with. Great crew and management....Thank you.......EE Ranch
Ray M.