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Foundation Repair


Power Beam  stops the forces of nature from having a negative impact on your basement walls. With the help of the Power Beam System, your leaning or bowing basement walls will move back to how they were positioned originally over a short period of time.

The patented Power Beam System is an I Beam that can straighten and stabilize displaced basement walls. It is unique because there is no digging or landscape removal required. Power Beam fastens to installed floor joists and anchors into the concrete floor. Once the Power Beam is set, the wall will be held in place and any future movement will be prevented. There will not be anymore basement leaving walls. We are a licensed dealer of the Power Beam wall bracing system.

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Grip-Tite basement wall plate anchors protect your lifelong investment – your basement and foundation. Basement wall cracks or any type of basement wall displacement can lower your home’s value. AAA Basement & Foundation offers the Earth Contact Product Plate Anchors which are made right here in Olathe Kansas. Grip-Tite late Anchors are designed to stabilize cracked and bowed foundation walls. Once the plates are in place, we can pull your wall back into place immediately or torque on these over time.

Grip-Tite basement wall plate anchors are the most economical basement bracing system that provides additional lateral force to help stabilize bowed and cracking retaining or basement walls.

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AAA Basement & Foundation in Andover, Texas - Image of a Basement and Foundation Walls


Foundation failure happens more often in some specific geographical areas across the USA. Soils vary greatly in their susceptibility to moisture content changes, which can include what happens when the soil freezes and then thaws as well as improper drainage. It has been found that certain soils are not able to support structures at all without proper deep foundation steel push piers.

Foundation settlement issues can benefit from piering systems especially in those areas with inherently poor soil that cannot support the weight of structures placed on them. This is when foundation piering solutions become a budget-friendly way to eliminate foundation wall movement or failure.

These foundation bracing system solutions are inserted into the ground far below the area of soil that caused the foundation to settle and become displaced. These piers can actually be placed below the surface down to where there is a sufficient layer of stratum to support the foundation and the structure it supports

Strong columns of steel of sufficient strength are fastened with brackets also of heavy-duty steel to your foundation. This type of foundation settlement repair provides a long-term structural support for your building.

Once foundation piering is in place, almost all of a building’s sticking doors and windows will disappear. This means that the wall cracks that used to be present as a symptom of foundation settlement issues can be successfully and permanently repaired.

My wife and I manage a ranch at Fall River KS. We have 7 homes on the ranch and one of them needed basement repair. We chose AAA Basement and are very pleased with the results of their work. They sent us a hard working crew that were very competent in solving our problem. As they started our job it was evident there was going be more to it than we anticipated but fortunately they had the knowledge it took to address the issues they were confronted with. Great crew and management….Thank you…….EE Ranch
Ray M.

Fantastic work. Very knowledgeable crews and they care about their customers. Would HIGHLY recommend.

Mike G.

Great company, couldn’t ask for a more professional job! Highly recommended.

Willie M.

Performed a mud jacking job on an air conditioner slab with expertise and were very clean and professional.

James M.

They mud jacked my driveway, a/c pad and dirt fill. Great job!

Tom S.