Foundation problems can crop up when homeowners least expect them.

Though it is easy to put off having these annoying and sometimes expensive foundation issues corrected by a qualified contractor when they do happen, waiting could be a costly choice.

Consider these important reasons why you cannot afford to ignore these issues and should seek necessary repairs right away.

Acting now to arrange for the foundation repair solutions your home needs will save a lot of money in the long run!

1. Issues Worsening Over Time

As with any other structural issues your home may have, foundation problems start for specific reasons and can continue to worsen over time.

If the cause is not determined and problems not properly corrected, foundation issues could progress to the point of jeopardizing the integrity of the whole component.

2. Leaks and Water Damage

One of the most common yet easily repaired issues that affects many foundations is cracking.

As minor as some cracks can be, they require immediate repair solutions to prevent further damage.

Foundation cracks can allow leaks that will affect the entire atmosphere in the basement and the home.

Larger cracks can result in standing water in the foundation, water damage to items kept in the basement, and further structural damage to the foundation as time passes and the cracks worsen.

3. Damage to Plumbing

Should foundation cracks get substantial, there is also the possibility that it could break plumbing that runs through or underneath it.

Concrete that shifts due to existing foundation problems can easily crush or pinch hidden plumbing lines, causing an urgent plumbing emergency that must immediately be repaired.

4. Mold and Mildew Growth

Even the finest cracks in a foundation will allow hydrostatic ground pressure to push moisture into the structure.

Foundation issues that allow moisture into basements and crawl spaces promote the growth of mildew and mold.

Mildew can eat away at whatever items it grows on and mold can spread spores throughout a home via the HVAC system, sickening those living there when they inhale it in the air.

5. Insect Infestations

Where there is moisture and relative warmth such as in a leaky basement, there are frequently bugs.

The damp corners and hidden spots of a leaky foundation can make the perfect, protected breeding ground for various insects, causing infestations that can result in insect damage in these areas and insects spreading throughout the home.

6. Higher Utility Bills

Another less obvious issue caused by foundation damage and failing to seek out appropriate foundation repair solutions is elevated cooling and heating bills, also due to moisture in the home.

A moist basement can increase the humidity inside the entire home.

This will cause the HVAC system to run longer, whether it is the air conditioning or the heating, to remove that moisture to maintain the ideal interior humidity level.

7. Costlier and More Extensive Repairs

The more time that passes once foundation problems start, the worse they will get as ground and water pressure continues to act against those compromised areas in the foundation.

As they worsen, suitable repair options change; some problems that could have been repaired easily and more cost-effectively before may progress to becoming serious concerns requiring extensive repairs that cost much more.

Never Let Foundation Damage Go Unrepaired

Foundation issues can develop for many reasons.

Leaving damage such as cracks, leaks, bowed walls, and other concerns unrepaired invites that damage to worsen, potentially to the point of requiring emergency foundation repair solutions.

Instead, pay close attention to your home’s foundation and at the first sign of damage, contact a professional basement and foundation repair contractor.

By dealing with these issues sooner rather than later, the effort and cost to do the repairs will stay lower!

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