Basement egress windows are essential when building a finished basement in most homes today.

Though they can add some expense to a basement addition project, egress windows are not just a safety feature, but also a requirement in most states.

Understand the importance of egress casement windows before starting work on a basement addition project so there are no surprises when seeking construction permits or home inspections.

1. Increases Home Safety

The main purpose of an egress window is to provide an escape route in the event of an emergency in the home.

When appropriately installed in a basement foundation according to code requirements, these windows are large enough for a person to exit the home through the basement should there be a fire, gas leak, or some other problem on the upper levels.

Depending on the depth of the foundation and the amount of above-ground space, a variety of window sizes and styles can be installed.

Among them, egress casement windows are the safest and most accessible, as they open fully in or out, using the entire window space.

2. Adheres to Building Code Requirements

In most states, adding basement egress windows is a requirement to turn an unused basement into a living space.

These windows are a safety feature that is required by most local building codes and must be present in the design plans when seeking a permit for this type of project.

Homeowners who finish their basements and do not include egress windows face the possibility of being fined should the local inspectors learn that the basement has been finished without them.

3. Adds Natural Light

Egress windows add natural light into an otherwise dark space. Since basement foundations are primarily underground, these spaces can be dark and unwelcoming, even when finished as living spaces.

The addition of basement egress windows for safety and code compliance purposes also allows natural light to shine into the space, brightening it up and making it more comfortable and useful.

4. Increases Home Value

A home with a legal and properly finished basement can add considerable value to any home due to the increase in living space.

Whether used as a game room, extra bedrooms, or a complete living suite, finished basements increase the square footage and the desirability of any home as long as the basement addition is correctly done, including the inclusion of legally-required safety windows.

Egress casement windows make the best option and allow homeowners to build instant home equity or sell their homes for higher prices.

Include Egress Windows In A Finished Basement Project

Although adding basement egress windows to the plans for a basement addition can add extra expense to the project, doing so is not just helpful, but also necessary.

Quality egress casement windows provide essential safety and adhere to local building code requirements, while also making basement living spaces more welcoming and comfortable.

An experienced foundation specialist can perform egress window installation in any basement foundation, enabling homeowners to make efficient and safe use of their basements!

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