Correct, structurally sound foundation repairs to your home require careful assessment of the damage present in order to choose the right repair solution.

Depending on the problem, there are multiple ways that a foundation repair service can correct things like cracks in your foundation, dangerous sagging, and foundation movement.

Here are the most common solutions used to repair a variety of foundation issues that could affect your home.

Shallow Slab Jacking or Mudjacking Repairs

When a problem such as slab sagging, minor cracking, or uneven settling exists, a foundation repair service can often correct it with a shallow repair technique like jacking.

Jacking is basically the process of pumping grout under the concrete slab so it boosts up the slab and stabilizes it.

Also known as mudjacking, it can prevent cracks from worsening, stabilize broken slabs, and even fix slabs that have settled crookedly.

Jacking is done as a foundation repair solution in the following way:

  • A slurry of cement grout is pumped under the slab to raise it and fill any empty spots. The grout will dry after a few days and become a part of the stressed foundation, providing more support.

Deep Pier Foundation Repairs

When there is more serious damage affecting your foundation or jacking is not a recommended technique for more significant repairs, foundation repair services must resort to deep repair techniques.

Deep foundation repair methods involve putting support piers into the ground in strategic places so they can prevent further damage to the foundation and help support the weight of your house.

One of the foundation repair methods that your foundation expert may use to correct different problems is with steel or push piers. Steel supports designed to hold up sections of the foundation are pushed into the ground under the area requiring support.

Is Your Foundation in Need of Repair?

Regardless of how it’s done, it is critical for the integrity of your entire home that you have any necessary foundation repairs made correctly using the most suitable repair solution.

If you see cracks, leaks, shifting within your home, or other symptoms that indicated you may be dealing with foundation problems, contact a foundation repair service immediately.

The sooner the issue is diagnosed, the faster and more easily the right repair can be chosen and implemented!

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