Your patio is a place of enjoyment around your house where you can enjoy sitting back with a cool drink on a warm day and enjoy the outdoors.

If you start to notice cracks in the concrete or the slab sinking in some direction, that patio can instead become a huge headache.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to repair this problem, including mudjacking.

A quick and affordable solution for sinking slabs of any type, mudjacking repairs can have your patio level again in no time so you can go back to enjoying it.

When Concrete Slab Patios Begin to Sink

Most patios are usually constructed using a concrete slab for the main patio surface.

Like the underground slabs supporting your foundation, they can begin to sink over time as the ground beneath them settles.

Minor settling is to be expected with any slab and can be normal.

When there is more extreme settling or settling that unbalances the patio, mudjacking repairs or other types of repair should be made to restore the slab to its proper level.

Left unrepaired, your settling patio slab could become a safety hazard or may even divert draining water toward your house rather than away from it.

Not only will your patio look unsightly, you could end up with foundation problems from excess water saturating the ground.

Mudjacking Repairs for Sinking Concrete Patios

Although a sinking concrete patio slab may seem like a serious issue, the problem can usually be remedied in just a day with mudjacking.

This is a preferred technique that involves applying one of a number of materials under the slab to push it back up and stabilize it.

Mudjacking repairs are done by forcing a wet cement mixture under the slab and raising it back to its original level.

It can also be used for repairing a broken slab by raising the slab and pushing the broken pieces back together so the new cement provides extra support once it hardens.

Slab Replacement

A slab that is considerably damaged or cannot be easily repaired using either of the previous methods may have to be broken up and removed so a new one can be poured.

These days, this is usually a last-case scenario as most patio slabs can be sufficiently leveled and repaired using mudjacking repairs.

Total slab replacement is also the most expensive option and may take a day or so to complete.

In Closing

If you noticed your concrete patio sinking or becoming unbalanced, have a professional look at it before the problem worsens.

Using efficient cement raising techniques, it’s possible to level the slab and return your patio to a better condition.

Experienced mudjacking professionals can fix your sinking patio quickly and easily in most cases without pouring an whole new slab!

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