Of all the problems your house could develop over time, none is more critical than foundation damage like wall bowing because in the basement, wall bowing could jeopardize the entire structure.

Repairing this serious condition involves working with a contractor skilled in wall straightening solution methods used to correct the problem and prevent it from worsening.

At the first sign of wall bowing in your basement, it’s imperative to have a professional assess the situation and employ the necessary foundation wall bowing solutions to save your house!

What Does Foundation Wall Bowing Mean?

Bowing walls in the basement can happen over time for a number of reasons that can range from poor foundation design to soil issues to outside drainage problems and the excess strain on the foundation can lead to cracking, leaking, and in worse cases, bowing.

A basement wall that has reached the point of cracking and bowing inward is one that is critically in need of foundation wall repair.

Without the appropriate wall straightening solution, the cracking will weaken over time, moisture and leaking problems will worsen, and the potential for the wall to start falling inward increases.

As a result, the entire home could be damaged when above-ground walls shift as the foundation breaks.

Foundation Wall Bowing Solutions - Steel Beams Support

When the block or cement walls of a home’s foundations begin weakening and bowing inward, there are two main techniques used to support and secure the walls to correct the bow and prevent the damage from worsening: steel beams support and grip-tite plate anchors.

The steel beams support system is a simple yet strong wall bowing repair method that utilizes heavy steel I-beams placed on the inside of the wall to straighten and secure it.

Thick I-beams are set against cracked and bowed walls, then secured by anchoring them with bolts that go through the floor pad and into the footing on the bottoms while the tops of the beams are bolted to the floor joists above.

Set every five to eight feet along the bowed wall, multiple beams withstand the external soil and water pressure against the foundation wall and prevent it from cracking or bowing further.

Foundation Wall Bowing Solutions - Grip-Tite Plate Anchors

When walls are bowed more severely and steel beams support on the inside of the wall is not possible, a plate anchor system can be used.

Grip-Tite plate anchors work by pulling the bowed wall back into position and holding it secure to prevent further damage.

This wall bowing solution utilizes steel plates positioned on the inside of the foundation wall, then connected to anchor plates set into the ground on the outside of the structure with steel rods.

The external anchor plates are set deep into the soil and into the stratum layer and the wall is then straightened by tightening the rod connected to the interior plate, either all at one time or gradually over a period of time until the bow is corrected.

Serious Foundation Problems Need Valid Repair Solutions

Whether you’re experiencing actual wall bowing of your foundation or just cracks and leaks, all of these symptoms suggest serious foundation problems that need to be repaired to prevent potentially catastrophic foundation damage.

Hire a contractor experienced with foundation wall straightening who uses the best wall bowing repair techniques for an affordable, worry-free fix!

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