One of the most common causes of foundation issues for any home or building is damage due to hydrostatic pressure.

A foundation can be weakened by hydrostatic ground pressure and cause cracks, foundation wall bowing, and other serious problems over time.

Wall bowing and leaking cracks are a red flag that your foundation requires some kind of repair to prevent further damage that can compromise the stability of the structure.

Fortunately, there are some solutions for wall bowing and other related issues that can repair this type of damage and prevent it from continuing.

What Is Hydrostatic Pressure?

Hydrostatic pressure that causes foundation issues is essentially the pressure that naturally occurring water in the ground puts on anything within the ground, like a foundation.

It is present everywhere to varying degrees, with the pressure being greater in areas with a higher soil water content and lesser in places where there is little water in the soil.

Foundations are especially susceptible to hydrostatic pressure and could end up needing foundation repairs as they are basically walls that surround empty spaces.

Foundation weakening occurs as groundwater naturally seeks to occupy that space due to gravitational pull and hydrostatic pressure.

What Does Hydrostatic Pressure Foundation Damage Look Like?

Foundation damage due to hydrostatic pressure comes in various forms.

  • The mildest of this damage is typically noticed as fine foundation cracks.
  • More significant damage may present as wall bowing and more extensive cracks.

In either case, any kind of damage that results in water seeping in, cracking, and wall or floor movement requires some kind of professional repair to stop the progression of hydrostatic pressure damage before it destabilizes the whole foundation.

Dampness and mold problems can also become a serious concern whenever there is any kind of damage that allows water to seep into the basement or crawl space area.

How Can You Fix Foundation Damage Due To Hydrostatic Pressure?

When leaking cracks and foundation wall bowing are noticed, it is critical that these issues be diagnosed by a qualified foundation repair service and then repaired.

Depending on the extent of the damage, the type of foundation, soil qualities, and many other variables, there is a variety of wall bowing and crack remedies that can be used to repair and prevent additional damage due to hydrostatic pressure.

Crack and wall bowing solutions begin by first remedying the water pressure problem by adding a drainage system to give groundwater a place to flow so it no longer puts pressure on the foundation.

Then any damage present is corrected using various wall and crack repair solutions like filling and sealing smaller cracks and bracing walls that have begun to bow.

Don’t Wait If Noticing Symptoms of Hydrostatic Pressure Damage

Leaking foundation cracks or any cracks at all may seem like a minor concern; however, if such damage is caused by hydrostatic pressure, it can be the start of something much more serious.

If you notice cracks and leaks or even worse, evidence of foundation wall bowing, you need to contact an experienced foundation repair service right away to tackle this damage.

The right repair solution can save the integrity of your foundation!

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