Can I Fix My Sinking Sidewalk With Mudjacking?

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Can I Fix My Sinking Sidewalk With Mudjacking?

A sinking sidewalk or walkway can be a liability issue just waiting to happen.

Not only does it look unsightly, it’s also a tripping hazard. In addition, it can divert water places where you don’t want it to go.

Mudjacking is one way you can have your sinking sidewalk repaired.

Yet mudjacking repairs may not be ideal for all situations.

Depending on a number of factors, there are pros and cons to using this method of concrete raising to fix a sinking sidewalk.

Mudjacking Can Be Great for Fixing Sinking Sidewalks

There are a number of ways you can fix a sinking sidewalk, mudjacking being one of them.

It is a method of drilling holes in the concrete, pumping a cement mixture underneath it to level it back to its correct position, then sealing the holes.

This technique of concrete raising offers many advantages over removing and replacing entire slabs of concrete.

Mudjacking repairs are fast, fairly easy to do, and very inexpensive.

You can have your sidewalk leveled and repaired in a matter of hours.

Unfortunately, as cost-effective and convenient as this sounds, it may not be suitable for all sidewalks.

Mudjacking Repairs May Work For Most Sinking Sidewalks

There are a number of potential problems to consider before using mudjacking to fix your sinking sidewalk.

Primarily, there is a high possibility that your sidewalk could sink again.

The most common reason for cement sidewalk slabs to sink is improper preparation of the soil beneath them.

Many sidewalks are laid out quickly, without sufficient compaction of the soil.

Mudjacking repairs may work for a while; however, the soil may further compact under the weight of the added material.

Secondly, this method involves drilling holes in the slab so the cement mixture can be pumped beneath it.

Although those holes are sealed afterward, they will remain obvious. It can look unsightly in a whole new way, especially if multiple holes are required.

Drilling holes can also break the slab, creating a new problem.

Another Option for Fixing Sinking Sidewalks

In addition to mudjacking, there are other options available for repairing sinking sidewalks; replacement is one of them.

When sinking sidewalk slabs are also broken, spalled, or raised in sections, the affected slabs must usually be replaced. Mudjacking will not help in these situations.

The affected slabs should be broken up and removed, the dirt base correctly leveled and prepared, and new concrete poured in their place.

Replacement is the most costly and time-consuming method of fixing a sinking or damaged sidewalk but sometimes it is the right method for that sidewalk.

All in All

If your sidewalk or walkway is sinking, it’s important to get it repaired as soon as you can.

Mudjacking is a low-cost option for raising concrete slabs that can help fix sinking sidewalks.

You can discuss whether or not mudjacking repairs are the best idea for your sidewalk with your contractor!

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