A wet basement can be the source of many serious problems in your home.

If water is constantly seeping into your home or the basement is perpetually damp, basement waterproofing can help.

Fortunately, there are basement waterproofing methods that professional foundation experts can use to correct these problems.

Done correctly, effective basement waterproofing solutions can dry up your basement and remedy problems like dampness, mold, and the slow, gradual destruction of the foundation.

What Causes Wet Basements?

Wet basements that require basement waterproofing happens when cracks form in a foundation and allow water to seep into the basement area.

Even fine foundation cracks happen for many reasons, whether it is due to shifting, a problem with the materials, or anything else.

Once cracks begin, water soon finds its way into empty spaces like basements due to hydrostatic pressure.

Over time and without some sort of basement waterproofing method being employed, what begins as simple dampness can progress to actual wet floors or pooled water within the foundation.

The only way to stop this from happening is with an appropriate basement waterproofing solution to either block the water from seeping in or divert it before it causes a damp or wet basement.

What Basement Waterproofing Methods Remedy This Problem?

The two most successful basement waterproofing treatments used by foundation specialists are epoxy injections and interior tile drain systems:

Epoxy Injections

When random cracks form in basement or foundation walls allow water to seep through them, an easy and cost-friendly yet highly effective basement waterproofing method to use is epoxy injection.

The epoxy injection method involves simply injecting expanding polyurethane epoxy into the cracks where it will expand and fill all the space where water is seeping through all the way to the outside surface and soil.

Interior Tile Drain Systems

If water is seeping in from multiple locations or within the joint between the foundation floor and wall, a more significant basement waterproofing solution such as an interior tile drain system may be necessary.

While more costly than epoxy injections, interior tile drain systems are highly suitable when there is a substantial amount of leakage or water is seeping from hard to seal areas.

The process involves creating a trench in the basement floor along the perimeter of the space, installing a PVC drainage system into the trench, drilling holes in the foundation to allow water to flow into the drainage system to relieve pressure against the foundation, then re-cementing the basement floor again.

Get A Dry Basement With A Basement Waterproofing Solution

Regardless of what is causing it, it is essential that homeowners contact a basement waterproofing specialist to resolve issues of water seeping and leaking through the foundation.

Of the various basement waterproofing methods used today, epoxy injection and interior tile drain systems remain very affordable and successful methods to use.

The right basement waterproofing solution will allow your basement space to finally dry out as well as prevent additional damage from occurring to the foundation ;and even help resolve dampness, mold, and health issues in your home!

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