For some, snow is beautiful and fun while for others, it is a nuisance that can cause all sorts of problems, some of which many homeowners may not even realize.

Snow can contribute to a need for foundation repairs depending on the consistency of the soil around a home foundation.

In regions that see large amounts of snow, foundation repair services make many repairs throughout the year when homeowners start to experience leaks, cracks, and other damage.

Read on about how snow can impact a foundation and some foundation repair solutions that can help. 

The Soil and Snow Connection

Snow can affect a foundation and create a need for foundation repairs, not by harming the foundation itself directly but through its relationship with the soil.

Snow formation usually occurs when the air is cold and dry, an effect that also absorbs moisture right out of the soil as well.

The drier the soil gets, the more it can shrink and crack, either pulling away from a foundation built into the ground or even putting tighter pressure on it.

Foundation repair services see these two symptoms as the main cause of damage such as leaks, wall cracks, and other problems that become visible not while the snow is falling, but once it starts to melt away. 

The Effects of Snowmelt and Refreezing

The problems that begin with drying soil and require foundation repair solutions only become obvious after snowmelt has started.

As the snow melts and is absorbed back into the ground as water, the water fills in the cracks in the soil caused by drying and compaction.

Foundations that have experienced cracks due to tightening and compressing soil might start showing the first signs of leaking and a need for minor foundation repairs at this point.

More significant damage may then occur once the temperature lowers again and all the water filling in those cracks within the soil starts to refreeze again.

Since freezing water expands, this expansion effect can put even more pressure on the foundation, worsening existing cracks, causing new ones, or pushing on the foundation so it starts breaking and leaning inward. 

Foundation Repair Solutions May Be Necessary

As a result of these snow-related problems, a call for foundation repair services might be necessary for some homeowners, especially once the weather warms and the spring rains come.

At the very least, dampness and minor leaking should be repaired with professional waterproofing to keep the moisture out.

Yet if the damage is such that it is causing water to pool flood in a basement or crawlspace, foundation repair solutions that address not just the cracks but also the source of the water are necessary.

Professional crack repairs and added interior or exterior foundation support might be required, while in some situations, the replacement of dry, constricted, and cracked soil around the foundation with higher-quality soil might be another solution. 

Discuss Snow-Related Foundation Repair Concerns With A Professional

As harmless as it might seem, large amounts of snow in certain regions can be extremely detrimental to building foundations based on the makeup of the soil.

Homeowners seeing leaks after snowmelt or once the weather warms need foundation repair services as quickly as possible.

Though there are many causes of damage that require foundation repairs, snowmelt and refreezing can definitely be one of them.

A professional foundation repair solution company can remedy the situation and prevent any further foundation damage from progressing.

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